Is it time for an SEO Health Check?

Is it time for an SEO Health Check?

Google announced the 24th Google Panda update, impacting 1.2% of UK based search queries since Panda was first launched in February 2011.

Sources now suggest that Google is rolling out updates approximately every 4 weeks so don’t get caught out with shabby SEO, nasty link building or flash-in-the-pan results! Quality SEO that stands the test of time and works over the long haul is now more important than ever.

An SEO & Internet Marketing Report acts like a health check for your business. Deep and careful analysis will enable to understand how your business is performing online with specific focus in the following areas;

  • Keyword Analysis –Understanding which keywords are searched for, how they perform and which are most likely to drive the best and most traffic.
  • Website / Onpage Analysis – Analysis of your website to make sure that it is as optimised and search-friendly as it can be.
  • Offpage Analysis – Understanding the quality of your external links, Social Media, Pay Per Click and other external digital channels.
  • Competitor Analysis – What are your competitors doing online and how are they performing?

This analysis gives vital insight into your online performance, laying the foundations for your SEO and Internet Marketing strategy to bring you online success.

So what about your business…is it time for a check-up?

January 23, 2013