In 2016 Google made 68% of all internet searches worldwide. In fact, the term ‘To Google’ is actually a recognised verb in the English language!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of gaining greater visibility within search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo for certain keywords or phrases. Specifically, this is focused on the ‘organic’ or ‘natural listings’ within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and not the paid ads, known as Pay Per Click or PPC.

Each search engine is powered by complex algorithms to provide the most relevant results for any given word or phrase. Strong and strategic SEO should target these keywords or phrases most relevant to you or your business in order to give you the exposure you need and enable you to engage with your target audience.

Onpage Optimisation

Onpage Optimisation refers to how search-friendly your website is.

This could include areas such as website structure and navigation, content, website speed, proper use of meta titles and descriptions, fixing website errors and much more. Think of this like making improvements to your home, improving it’s overall appeal and function and making it more desirable to live in or visit.

Offpage Optimisation

Offpage Optimisation refers to SEO-based activity that is not conducted directly on your website.

This would include link building, social media and begins to lead more broadly into Internet Marketing. Think of this like improving and creating new road and sign systems to your house enabling more people to find it.

Dig Deep

In order for any SEO strategy to succeed it is important to dig deep and build on solid foundations of analysis and insight.

Choosing the right keywords or phrases, understanding the search landscape and analysing your competition are some of the integral parts to succeeding in SEO.

A Holistic Approach

There are no quick fixes for SEO or a ‘one size fits all’. All SEO should be holistic, bespoke and relevant to each business, ideally as part of an overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

Having an effective Content Management System (CMS) solution is of great advantage when implementing SEO in order to minimise development time for onpage enhancements.

An ethical (or ‘White Hat’) approach to SEO is always best, building steadily around the human audience rather than focussing solely on manipulating the search engines. This also brings greater reassurance and stability in the face of search engine updates.

Health Check

An SEO Health Check is an opportunity for an initial assessment for you or your business. This service includes;

  • Keyword Analysis and Structuring
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) Analysis
  • Broad Online Competitive Analysis
  • Onpage Website Analysis
  • Offpage Analysis

Kick Start

This is where the rubber hits the road with an initial injection of strategic activity based on the insights revealed through the SEO Health Check. Tasks and time can vary depending upon what is required in your unique situation, however nothing takes place without prior discussion and agreement first.

Follow Up

Here we will pick up where we left off and look at where your business is now. Work will be bespoke to your situation and tailored to your needs, whether including additional website enhancements, Google Analytics analysis or more strategic direction.

Just like renovating and maintaining your home, there is always SEO work to be done, however it is important to assess appropriately what is required given the size of your organisation and the resources that are available.